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I'm sitting here in my office, looking out the window as I type. I've got dry clothes, a hot cup of coffee, a warm house, and a snoring dog laying at my feet. As I look out the window, I watch the pouring rain soaking the landscape. The wet, the cold, the miserable is out there. I'm insulated from it.

I'm blessed, and really don't know how much. I take so much for granted. If I want to plant a garden, I can. If I want to buy new curtains or redecorate the house, I just have to hop in my car and go to Lowes or Bed Bath and Beyond. I eat well, as evidenced from my expanding waistline. If I get even the least bit sick, I can go to a doctor who will prescribe me any of a number of medications that we think is available for everyone the world over. Even here, in the worst catastrophes we encounter such as Hurricane Katrina, California mudslides, droughts or floods, our people join together to alleviate the pain, the wreckage, and the need. Even in our suffering, we don't suffer as others do. We are a blessed nation, and we are too blind to realize it.

Not everyone is so fortunate.

Heart of God International Ministries has an outreach in Haiti. Before the earthquake they ran a school and had taken in and placed several orphaned children. They lost 50 children to the earthquake, devastating in and of itself. But even worse is the aftermath. Their living situation has gone from bad to worse. Food is scarce. People are sick and the few doctors have said to expect more casualties among the children if needs aren't met. Jan Ross, co-founder of Heart of God says it best in her latest update:

Thank you once again for your love and concern for the 300 people at Camp Victory in Haiti. We are blessed and encouraged by your notes and emails sharing your thoughts and prayers. We certainly are appreciative for all you've done, whether through prayer, sharing the updates with your friends, and/or generously helping us to continue offering support for these people who are so in need!
Dave Young just called with the latest update. We are putting out an urgent call for prayer given the critical situation we are facing with the children, teachers, and elderly people.

  • Pastor D went to a camp near the Dominican Republic to see if it was possible to move the people there to keep them safe during the rains and floods. He stood in line for about 6 hours and was given an application to fill out. He was told to return on Wednesday morning for a decision. Apparently there is room for about 800 people, but thousands are hoping to be accepted. Please pray that our people will be selected among those who will be accepted.
    • There is a possibility that this is not an "all or nothing" situation. This means that it's possible that not all 300 of our people will be able to be admitted to this camp at which time a decision will have to be made to divide the weakest and sickest from the healthier and stronger. This is not an ideal situation, but if it spares the lives of those who are so vulnerable, weakened, and frail, it will have to be done. 
    • If our people are not granted access to this camp, we will have to locate an alternative. Every day that passes creates a greater threat to the health and wellbeing of all those at Camp Victory. Please pray with us that this won't be the case, or if it is, that the Lord will open the doors to a new location that will meet our specific and unique needs. 
  • There are 73 children (more than originally reported) who will be going to the hospital in Santo Domingo tomorrow for treatment for malaria and infection. Several of our children have had amputations which are infected and life-threatening. We have sent the funds for the children to receive initial treatment, but ongoing and/or long-term treatment can be costly. Please pray that God will make provision for the treatment for these children who, without treatment, have no hope for a future.
Obviously, the crisis in Haiti is far from over. Please prayer with us over these critical needs. Pray for favor from those who are making the decisions. Pray that God will work through the doctors in Santo Domingo to successfully treat these children and that no lives would be lost. Pray that God would continue to give Pastor D strength to do what needs to be done and that because of his dedication and servant's heart, God would bless him abundantly with success as he continues to preach the Gospel everywhere as he longs to see more people come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your prayers and continued support. We encourage you to share this with your friends, colleagues, and contacts so the numbers storming the gates of heaven will move the hand of God on behalf of those who are in such critical need. If you wish to make a donation, please click here; thank you!

God bless you!

I have always intended this blog to be about reaching out and encouraging each other in our Christian walk. Sometimes though, we have to step outside ourselves, outside of our needs and own heartaches to minister to others. Sometimes God calls us to sacrifice our own wants for others. When we heed that call, we will find a depth of relationship with God that we could never have imagined, and never realized, had we stayed within our comfort zones.

Please prayerfully consider donating to this vital outreach. If you can't afford it, then maybe your task in the Kingdom is to pass this along to someone else who might have the resources to donate. I'm asking everyone to share this on Facebook or Twitter with all your contacts. And above all else, please pray. Ask God to open doors, to bring comfort, to heal and to minister to the people of Haiti and specifically the people at Camp Victory.

Thank you for your support of this blog, and thank you for having a heart for Jesus.


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